Stanley Cup Final Betting – Game 5 Odds

2013 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game TwoWith the Stanley Cup Finals now tied at two games a piece, it’s quite obvious that the Bruins have managed to close the gap that we saw between these two teams during the regular season. And with that gap being closed, the hockey betting public seems to be grasping for a sense of direction. The online sportsbooks that are offer Stanley Cup betting in Canada are still giving Chicago the benefit of the doubt. Just looking at the game 5 Moneyline from Pinnacle Sports, you notice that the Hawks are way ahead at 1.680 while the Bruins are hanging back at 2.360. However, as stated before, the hockey betting community is less decisive and only 52% of the money is sitting on the Chicago Blackhawks at the moment.

Keys for Game 5

  • One of the biggest keys for Chicago is Corey Crawford. Of the twelve goals that  Boston has scored on Crawford in this series, Crawford has let in ten of them on his glove side. This could be more of a short term statistical anomaly, but when your opposing goal tender is Tukkaa Rask, any small nick appears like a gaping wound.
  • And speaking of Tukka Rask, the Boston defense will have to be better than they were in game four if the Bruins wish to hoist Lord Stanley’s Trophy once again. Despite giving up six goals in last game’s overtime loss, Rask managed to put up his second best save percentage for a game in these playoffs. That translates into the Blackhawks taking 14 more shots on goal than the Bruins did in game four and still only coming away with an overtime win. If the Bruins want Rask and his exceptional play to get them past the favorites, they’re going to have to give him a break in game 5.
  • Jonathon Toews is still roughed up from game four, but is definitely trending upwards after he broke his ten game scoreless streak in Wednesday’s game. If the Blackhawks want to continue the magic from Wednesday, they’re going to have to see more scoring from players like Toews.

Alternative Stanley Cup Betting Opportunities:

Despite the fact that we are three or fewer games from a final conclusion to the NHL’s 2012/13 season, you can still bet on the outright winner of the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately for Boston fans, the odds on the Bruins winning the cup have come down significantly. When we brought you the Stanley Cup Futures odds earlier in the playoffs, the Bruins were being offered up at 8.00. Now a bet on Boston will yield just 2.220. If you want to go with the Blackhawks. Pinnacle Sports is offering odds on them at 1.741.

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Stanley Cup Final Game 5 Odds from Pinnacle Sports – Chicago vs. Boston

Puck Line:

Boston Bruins +1.5 (1.417)

Chicago Blackhawks -1.5 (3.190)


Boston Bruins 2.360

Chicago Blackhawks 1.680

Total Goals:

Over 5 (2.340)

Under 5 (1.690)

NHL Stanley Cup Final Betting – Chicago Blackhawks vs. Boston Bruins

Boston vs Chicago Stanley Cup Final BettingBetting on the Stanley Cup playoffs is going to be tough after what happened in the Boston vs. Pittsburgh series. Statistics and past history may now seem of little value to us in predicting a Stanley Cup winner. Still, with little else to go on, we must look at how these two teams have performed in hopes of gaining some insight into their future.

The favorites to win the Stanley Cup right now are the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks dominated the regular season standings and, with the exception of their series with the Red Wings,  have had little difficulty navigating their way to the Stanley Cup Finals. They won the cup as recently as in 2010 and have been on top of the Stanley Cup Futures odds for months now.

Although pegged as the underdogs, the two things that Boston has on their side right now are momentum and goal tending. Tuukka Rask, goalie for Boston, managed a mind boggling 0.44 GAA in their last series that included two shutouts. And the momentum is quite obvious given that they swept the Pittsburgh Penguins to win the Eastern Conference in a series where they were severe underdogs. The Chicago Blackhawks may be the second highest scoring team in the NHL, but if Rask can keep up his incredible performance, we may just see a Boston goal tending repeat of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final where Tim Thomas continually stunned the Canucks.

As expected, the online sportsbooks that offer NHL hockey playoff betting in Canada are offering a lot of game, futures and prop odds for the final series of the season. Every single book has futures odds for the Stanley Cup winner and we’ve posted those odds from a few of the best sportsbooks around. Books like William Hill are offering a wide range of game props that include 60 minute betting, double chance odds, as well as period by period markets. Bet365 has a different take on the series futures betting and is also offering futures props like what game the series will finish on and what the correct score of the series will be. Game one starts on Wednesday in Chicago.

Stanley Cup Win Odds from William Hill

Chicago Blackhawks – 1.67
Boston Bruins – 2.25

Stanley Cup Win Odds from Bet365

Chicago Blackhawks – 1.74
Boston Bruins – 2.15

Stanley Cup Win Odds from Pinnacle Sports

Chicago Blackhawks – 1.735
Boston Bruins – 2.230

Stanley Cup Game 1 Odds from Pinnacle Sports

Chicago Blackhawks 

Spread -1.5 (3.210)

Moneyline (1.704)

Boston Bruins

Spread +1.5 (1.412)

Moneyline (2.310)


Over 5 points (2.300)

Under 5 points (1.709)

Stanley Cup Futures Odds from Bet365 – Updated March 10th, 2013


March 10, 2013

Although the top teams in the NHL have continued to rise to the top, there has been a changing of the guard that the online sportsbooks failed to predict. When we posted our first preview of the Stanley Cup Futures from Bet365 in February, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Rangers were well in front at 6.50 and 7.50 respectively. Since then, however, the Chicago Blackhawks have thrust out into a commanding eight point lead in the league standings that has now lowered their Stanley Cup winning odds from 12.00 to just 4.75. The biggest surprise has to be the Montreal Canadiens. After finishing nearly dead last in the standings last year and being given odds of 41.00 to win the cup in 2013, the team from the East is now third in the league standings and getting a lot more respect from online bookmakers. Bet365 has adjusted their Stanley Cup Futures odds to just 13.5.

If you’re a fan of seeing a repeat from the LA Kings this year, this is a great time to get a generous price on them. At the beginning of the season Bet365 had them sitting at 11.00 and since they have underperformed so far in 2013 (by their standards), the odds on them winning the Stanley Cup have risen to 15.00. Given the fact that they’re still just 9th in the league standings right now and headed for a play-off birth, this might be the best deal going.

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Chicago Blackhawks 4.75 Detroit Red Wings 29.00
Pittsburgh Penguins 7.00 Dallas Stars 29.00
Boston Bruins 8.00 Philadelphia Flyers 29.00
Anaheim Ducks 10.00 Phoenix Coyotes 31.00
Vancouver Canucks 13.00 Nashville Predators 36.00
Montreal Canadiens 13.50 Tampa Bay Lightning 36.00
L.A. Kings 15.00 Edmonton Oilers 51.00
New York Rangers 17.00 Washington Capitals 51.00
St. Louis Blues 18.00 Winnipeg Jets 67.00
San Jose Sharks 21.00 Buffalo Sabres 71.00
Carolina Hurricanes 23.00 New York Islanders 76.00
Toronto Maple Leafs 25.00 Calgary Flames 101.00
New Jersey Devils 26.00 Colorado Avalanche 101.00
Minnesota Wild 26.00 Florida Panthers 201.00
Ottawa Senators 26.00 Columbus Blue Jackets 351.00